inspiration – perspectives – theory

The nine-month process facilitated through the three gatherings and the monthly online sessions, combines inspiration and methods of self-discovery from several sources. The initial idea was related to our shared experiences with doing inner-work in nature, particularly through John Milton’s Way of Nature, and an irresistible urge to combine this with Jes Bertelsen’s early alchemist and Jungian inspired work, on nine-month cycles of transformation.

The transformation-process is described by Jes as a U-shaped journey of dialog with the unconscious. Hiding in the shadows of our lives; the friction points, relationship issues, fears and frustrations (and also in the “golden shadows”, the deeper qualities we do not own, but project onto others) are the seeds of who we might be if we start to live more fully and authentically. When we invite and open ourselves to this unconscious wisdom it gradually changes who we thought we were. In the nine-month process this culminates at the bottom of the U, in the fifth month. At this point we have shifted our view to a new vantagepoint and the following four month going ‘back up’ is a readjustment (and reinterpretation) of self, others and the world, from this new position.

By synchronizing the nine-month process with the natural U-process of the decrease and increase of day length as we pass through winter, the Into the Dark-program ties the inner process of realignment with our unconscious wisdom, to an outer process of realignment with the rhythms of nature. In this time of collective ‘disruption’, where the divide between those who live in abundance and those who fight for their daily sustenance is increasing and where we use the basic resources of our planet at a rate of 1.5 times the sustainable capacity of earth, realignment with nature is a core theme.

Through the program participants use the collective crisis as an entry point and listen inwards to how this is echoed in their personal process, and as we resurface in the spring of 2019, we reconnect to the collective process from our new vantagepoint. It feels natural to connect this work to Otto Scharmer’s Theory U, which Ninni and Karsten have used extensively through the three year program, Sustainable Co-Creation – practicing presencing, conducted by Leadership-with-Heart in a joined venture with Presencing Institute and Arawana Hayashi. The Into the Dark-program owes much to this three year in-depth training, that also had a U-process blueprint.

Another key element of Into the Dark is that we have incorporated an understanding of the developmental structures through which we have matured through our lives and through which the present is continually interpreted. This means that in addition to following the process as it unfolds in the lives, dreams and inner exercises of the participants, they (the participants) are asked to do a set of contemplations and exercises, that support and bring light to the basic developmental layers of themselves. For this we have appropriated the STAGES model of Terri O’Fallon, which is a well-researched reinterpretation of the work of Susanne Cook-Greuter  heavily influenced by the integral meta model of Ken Wilber.

The result is a powerful inner and outer journey of transformation, that we dare say, has the potential to be a life altering experience and that will probably be unlike anything you have ever done before.