The Into the Dark program was conceived out of the shared life, inspiration and training from Vækstcenteret, an intentional community in Denmark, where Karsten, Ninni and Bjørn live.


Walter Bertolini, Austria, is a friend and colleague from the European Way of Nature community.


Karsten Skipper  born in Denmark 1972

exploring and renewing conceptions and mental models

Education: History of ideas, Process Work, Mindfulness-instructor, psychotherapist

An early encounter with writings of Krihnamurthi, got Karsten on a life journey through philosophy, meditation, Integral Studies and contemplative psychology. From his youth studying History of Ideas and Religious studies at university of Aarhus, and in later work with meditation and psychotherapy he has stuck to Socrates’ dictum that an unexamined life is not worth living.

Karsten passion for connecting ideas, was the impetus for the nine-month program and his synthesis of developmental psychology and contemplation will bind the three gathering and the onlineprograme into a unified process.

Current inspiration: Theory U, the STAGES-model of human development and how to connect the presence of the past with the emerging future.

FOCUS: faithful betrayal; let go of the past – welcome its return – intuit timeless essence

When you see the earth from the moon, you don´t see any divisions there are no nations or states. This might be the symbol for the new mythology to come.– Joseph Campbell


Ninni Sødahl born in Norway 1961

inviting the intuitive and creative openness

Education: Architecture, Oriental medicine, Artwork, Process facilitator

She is intrigued by the question: What would Life call for – when calling for the best in You?

As part of several co-creating programs working towards profound change, her interest and concern is on capacity building of ‘creativity as such’ – in people, groups and systems. Ninni introduces art and sensory-based strategies, connecting body – space – awareness.

Current inspiration: Sustainable Co-Creation (SUSco), SPT with Arawana Hayashi and Way of Nature with John Milton.

FOCUS: Power of intent – Allowing ‘cracks of not-knowing’ – Sensing from the field –  Stay with

“True creation must arise from mu-shin, the state of ”no-mind” a state beyond thought, emotions and expectations.” – Nishida Kitarõ, Zen philosopher 1870-1945


Bjørn Winther born in Denmark 1949

Sensing and being intimate with nature and body

Education: Teacher, Ski-instructor, Professional ballet dancer, Body-therapist

Has facilitated groups in nature since his late teens. Over the years he has guided countless groups through the parts of Create, where Into The Dark will take you.

Bjørn’s facilitation revolves around: accessing the powers and possibilities of nature as holding space for deep inner work and self-development, and combing body, nature and attention-training to build a strong foundation for transformative processes.

Current inspiration: in 2017-18 with “The way of nature process” – John Milton

FOCUS: slow down – relax – stay in nowness – refine energy

Perhaps Nature is so much itself, that you can become yourself by simply being in it.– Finn Hesselager, danish poet



Walter Bertolini born in Austria 

accessing the essence of inner leadership

Education: Law, group dynamics, systemic organizational development, process facilitation, transformation in/with nature

Current inspiration:  Way of Nature / The Work / Bottom of the U

 Focus: How do we create an open, generative space in us/within us?

“Retreat and reflect: allow your inner knowing to emerge.” – Brian Arthur